Free Masks For Austin

Austin Emergency Supply Foundation provides free masks to small businesses and organizations in Austin that cannot afford masks and sells masks to those who can. This is not a business. AESF is a 501c3 charity that plans to lose at least $1 million in 2020 (covered by its founders).


To help build awareness of its new “buy 1 give 1” mask program, AESF is giving away 1 million free 3-Ply medical masks in Austin - and we’re inviting the citizens of Austin to decide who needs them. We’ve already committed 300,000 free masks to the City of Austin, Cap Metro, APD, AFD, and Austin Public Health, but we still have 700,000 free masks to give away - and there is no restriction on which organizations receive them.


There are small businesses like beauty salons or small grocery stores that are slipping through the cracks and don’t have access to medical masks for their team or their customers. You don’t have to choose a nonprofit organization. You can choose any organization or small business you want to help.


We trust you Austin. You decide where 700,000 free masks go. Here are the steps to get 2,000 free masks for free for a small business or organization you want to help in Austin:


  • Send a tweet that mentions @atxsupply, include the Austin based nominee’s Twitter handle, use the hashtag #FreeMasksForAustin, and get at least 20 retweets of your own.
  • Once you've gained 20 or more retweets, come back to this page and submit your entry.
When you submit an entry, you’ll be asked for:
  • screenshot you can upload showing the number of retweets to your tweet and the @name you nominated
  • Your name and email address
  • Organization name and shipping address
  • Contact at the organization - name, email address, phone number
The AESF team will review the emails in the order they are received and will ship 2,000 free masks to the first 350 qualifying emails received. No charge for the masks ($1,000 worth of masks) and no charge for the shipping.


Limit one nomination (2,000 total masks) per Twitter account and Twitter accounts must have been created prior to 2020 in order to nominate an organization or small business.


More about AESF here.

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© 2020 AUSTIN EMERGENCY SUPPLY #FreeMasksForAustin
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